Frequently Asked Questions

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Board of Supervisors (1)

The Board of Supervisors meets the first Monday of each month at the Oktibbeha County Courthouse on 101 E. Main Street in Starkville. (map)


Section 19-13-11 of the Mississippi Code Annotated states:

In counties having only one (1) court district, the board of supervisors shall hold regular meetings at the courthouse or in the chancery clerk's office in those counties where the chancery clerk's office is in a building separate from the courthouse. However, the board of supervisors may meet in any other county-owned building if such building is located within one (1) mile of the courthouse and if, more than thirty (30) days prior to changing the meeting place, the board posts a conspicuous, permanent notice to that effect in the chancery clerk's office and in one (1) other place in the courthouse, publishes notice thereof in a newspaper published in the county, or if there be no newspaper published in the county, then in a newspaper having general circulation in the county, once each week, for at least three (3) consecutive weeks, and enters an order upon its minutes designating and describing in full the building and room to be used as the meeting room of the board of supervisors. The board of supervisors shall meet on the first Monday of each month. However, when such meeting date falls on a legal holiday, then the said meeting shall be held on the succeeding day.

Chancery Clerk (16)

The Veterans Service Office can assist you with a copy in the Chancery Clerk’s Office, or you can contact the Chancery Clerk’s Office directly.

The minutes of the Boards of Supervisors can be found in the Chancery Clerk Office.

If a check for recording fees is short, the document will be returned with a request for the proper filing fee.

The office accepts (1) cash, (2) checks made payable to Oktibbeha County Chancery Clerk, and (3) money orders made payable to Oktibbeha County Chancery Clerk.

Documents are recorded at the time they are received in the Chancery Clerk's Office. They are available for viewing by the public the next day.

There are different requirements depending on the type of document, so they all cannot be listed here. It is the responsibility of the person offering the document for recording to make sure (1) that the document is original; (2) that it is signed and that the signatures are properly acknowledged before a notary public; (3) that it is a complete writing and contains the required information such as Grantor and Grantee information, address, phone numbers, legal description of property being conveyed, and indexing instructions; (4) that it is accompanied by the proper fees; and (5) that it is accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope so that it can be returned to the party offering it for recordation.

Fees for copies made by the public are $0.25 per page. The fee for copies made by our staff is $0.50 per page. There is an additional fee for certifying a copy of a document. Requests for copies sent by mail must be accompanied by check or money order covering the cost of the copies and a stamped self-addressed envelope. The request should reasonably identify the document to be copied. Checks should be made payable to the Oktibbeha County Chancery Clerk.

Coming soon. On the Chancery Clerk's page, you will click Online Searches, then click How to Search Land Records; there you will find detailed instructions.

The following are just a few of the records housed in the Chancery Clerk office:

Roster of Discharged Veterans 1922 - Present

Chancery Court Minutes 1874 - Present

Will Books 1834 - Present

Land Records 1834 - Present

Board of Supervisors Minutes 1880 - Present

Yes, land records are available for public inspection from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Land records refer to those record series that may involve real estate. These include documents traditionally recorded in Deed Books and Plat Cabinets, such as Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Authorities to Cancel, Plats, Oil and Gas Leases, and many other documents. The Land Records Division also dockets and indexes judgments and files certain Uniform Commercial Code transactions that are a lien on real estate.

At the Chancery Clerk's Office via cash, money order, or check.

Contact the Chancery Clerk's Office at (662) 323-5834.

Civil cases involving amounts greater than $3,500.00 are filed in the Oktibbeha County Chancery Court.

For civil cases involving less than that amount, download a Civil Declaration and file it with the Oktibbeha County Justice Court.

Circuit Court Clerk (10)


You will need:

Birth certificate with mother and father listed (long form)

Photo I.D. (if out of state you will also need one more form of Identification)

2 x 2 passport photo made by Walgreens, CVS, etc.

Fees: - Passport Book --  Adult -- 16 years and above $110.00 (good for 10 years)

           Passport Book -- Child -- under 16 $80.00 (good for 5 years)

           Passport Card  --  Adult -- 16 and above $30.00 (good for 10 years)

           Passport Card  -- Child -- under 16 $15.00 (good for 5 years)

           Check or Money Order made Payable to U.S. Department of State.

           There is a seperate execution fee of $35.00 per person payable to the Circuit Clerk.

It takes four to six weeks for normal process. If needed sooner, you can expedite by adding an additional $60.00. The process will then take two to three weeks.



The Circuit Clerk's Office only takes payment for felonies.

We do not take payments for seatbelt violations or for proof of insurance.

Citations by City Police - Municipal Court - 323-1491

Citations from Sheriff Deptartment - justice Court - 324-3032

Citations from Highway Patrol - Justice Court - 324-3032

Both parties need to be present with valid photo identification along with a total of $37.00.

You no longer need blood work, and the license is issued on the same day.

You may register to vote either by mail or by visiting the Circuit Clerk (Circuit Court Annex Building) or Municipal Clerk (usually City Hall).

You may also register to vote when applying for or renewing your driver's license or when applying for services at numerous state and federal government agencies.

Download the Voter Registration Form

Presidential Election - First Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  Even-numbered years, every four years.

Gubnatorial Election - Odd-numbered years.

U.S. Senate and U.S. House Elections - Even-numbered years.

State Senate and House Elections - Odd-numbered years.

County and other Office Elections - Odd-numbered years.

Municipal (City) Elections - Odd-numbered years.

Election Commissioners - Even-numbered years.

  • A resident of Mississippi, except persons judically declared incompetent, who is at least 18 years old (or will be by date of election).
  • A resident of the state, county, and supervisor's district for 30 days.
  • Has never been convicted of any crime listed in Section 241 of the Mississippi constitution.  See Disqualifying Crimes.
  • Once you are registered, you generally remain registered indefinitely, unless you move or no longer meet one of the qualifications to vote.

You have to be 21 years old to be selected for jury duty. 

You can register to vote at the age of 17 only if you will be 18 by election day.

All marriage licenses are issued by the Circuit Court Clerk in the Oktibbeha County Circuit Court Complex at 108 West Main Street. You must have a picture I.D.  You must be 21 years of age to apply for a marriage license without parental consent, and both parties must be present to apply.  If you are under the age of 21, you must have notarized authorization from the parent or the parent needs to be present.

Search Oktibbeha Marriage Records online

Emergency Management Agency (3)

What is CodeRED and what is it used for?

What is CodeRED and what is it used for?

CodeRED is a web-based critical communication solution that enables local public safety personnel to notify residents and businesses by telephone, text message, email, and social media of time-sensitive information, emergencies, or urgent notifications. The system can reach hundreds of thousands of individuals in minutes to ensure information such as evacuation notices, missing persons, inclement weather advisories, and more are quickly shared. Only authorized officials have access to send alerts using the CodeRED system.

When will CodeRED be used?

Any message regarding the safety of our residents and community will be disseminated using CodeRED. We will send out alerts via phone, text, email, and social media in a variety of situations including boil water notices, gas leaks, evacuation notices, police activity, fire emergencies, missing persons, and more. This is a community alert system to ensure you remain informed of important information. Please keep in mind that as you register to receive CodeRED alerts, you have the ability to select the types of messages you wish to receive and your preferred means of communication.

Is there a cost to register for CodeRED?

No, registering for CodeRED phone calls, text messages, and email are free. Simply sign up on our enrollment website and select your preferred means of communication.

How do I sign up?

Please go to

This is the quickest way to sign up because the information you supply is immediately registered in the system. If you do not have Internet at home, please consider visiting a library or asking a friend or family member for assistance. You can also call our office and we will be happy to assist you in getting registered at (662) 338-1076

How will I know when CodeRED is calling?

A CodeRED message will have the caller ID # 866-419-5000 for emergencies and caller ID # 855-969-4636 for non-emergencies. We suggest that you program these numbers into your cell phone as a “new contact” and use “CodeRED” as the contact name. If you need to replay the message received, you can dial this number and listen to the message again in its entirety.

Why is CodeRED important to me?

CodeRED is an important to tool to help keep you informed and prepared for any emergencies that may occur in our area. Officials will send messages to alert you of emergency details, instructions, or precautions that you need in order to make well-informed decisions and remain safe. This system is precise enough to geotarget residents within an exact area of impact, so that only those people who are affected by emergency situation are notified.

Please email damage reports and/or pictures to or call (662) 320-7250 or (662) 320-7251. As always if you are need of immediate assistance, please call 911.

You should call 311 to request city services and information. Examples of typical 311 calls include:

  • Animal control problems
  • Potholes
  • Trash pickup problems
  • Tree in the road
  • Water line breakage
  • Illegally parked vehicles or vehicles blocking alleys or driveways but that are not blocking traffic flow
  • County agency phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operations

More information about 311

Fire Department (5)


We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals, who have a strong desire to serve their community. A great way to join, is to visit your local fire station during a training session. If you are unsure which district you are in, need the meeting times, or just have questions before joining; send an e-mail to:

The Oktibbeha County Fire Department does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability in the provision of our programs or services


Oktibbeha County firefighters are trained in basic first aid and CPR and some are trained emergency medical technicians. The trucks are equipped with first aid and lifesaving equipment. Fire stations are located throughout the county and can usually get to an emergency scene first to begin to administer aid until an ambulance arrives.


The training provided to Oktibbeha County Firefighters, is very similar to what you would expect from a career/paid fire department, this is because the hazards volunteer firefighters face are no different. The differences are in how our classes are taught. We typically 99% of our classes are taught here in Oktibbeha County, and our instructors work with the students to try to minimize the impact to their work or school schedules. We do however pride ourselves on professionalism, and all of our instructors are certified to the national standard level relating to instruction (NFPA 1041). Typical courses include basic fire fighting, emergency medical training, the incident command system & hazardous material response. Our more advanced courses are geared towards technical rescue, advanced firefighting skills, and development of future management. While we bring most of our training here to Oktibbeha County, additional training is provided at the State Fire Academy, the National Fire Academy, and several other accredited institutions. Oktibbeha County Firefighters do not pay for any of their training or equipment.


Oktibbeha County functions under a volunteer system. Members are not paid, however they currently receive a reimbursement for expenses based upon how much an individual participates. The reimbursement is funded by a federal grant. All of our members equipment & training are provided at no cost to the individual..


Applicants must be 18 years of age, and posses a valid drivers license. Background checks are conducted by the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Department, and are required of all new applicants

Human Services (2)


Teenage drug and alcohol abuse affects families in every part of Oktibbeha County regardless of location, race, or economic status. The Mississippi Department of Human Services - Division of Youth Services can assist families in identifying treatment options. In addition to referral to treatment facilities, the Youth Court offers a Juvenile Drug Court program consisting of intensive supervision, counseling, and drug testing. For more information, contact the Mississippi Department of Human Services - Division of Youth Services at (662) 323-8564.


The Oktibbeha County Youth Court functions to assist families who have children with conduct issues that are disruptive to the home, school, or community. In some cases, the Oktibbeha County Office of Youth Services can offer informal counseling to the child and family. In other cases, it may be necessary to refer the family for psychiatric or psychological intervention. There will be instances when the Youth Court will bring the child into court for adjudication and probation. For further information, contact the Mississippi Department of Human Services - Division of Youth Services at 662-323-8654 or the Oktibbeha County Chancery Clerk’s Office. If your child is between the ages of 10 and 17, you may contact these offices for assistance:


Mississippi Department of Human Services - Division of Youth Services

City Hall Building 1

01 Lampkin Street

Starkville, MS 39759


Oktibbeha County Youth Court

Oktibbeha County Courthouse

101 East Main Street

Starkville, MS 39759

Call (662) 323-5834


Oktibbeha County Youth Court Defender Cecelia Cook (662) 324-0219

Justice Court (2)


Information about the Oktibbeha County Justice Court can be found on the Justice Court Department page.

Also, check out this document listing what the Justice Clerk's Office can and cannot do for you.


Traffic tickets from the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Department, the Mississippi State Highway Patrol, and MSU Campus Police may be paid for at the Oktibbeha County Justice Court.

The amount to be paid for speeding violations can be found by clicking the link below. Bring your payment to the Oktibbeha County Justice Court.

Payments must be made with cash or money order. No checks or credit cards accepted.

Fines for Speeding Violations

Public Library (1)


The Golden Triangle Planning and Development District located at 106 Miley Drive in Starkville is where you will get your address.

Public Works (4)


The county measures the right of way 50 feet from the center of the road to each side of the road. If within those 50 feet the entrance of your drive is the first 5 or 10 feet, the county will gravel. Anything outside of those 50 feet is illegal. *If your drive is an official bus turnaround then the rule is different.


You must first have an address, and then you may contact the road department at (662)323-5752. Be sure to have the area marked with stakes or flags where you would like your culvert.


All old appliances, old furniture, and/or batteries are to be taken to the rubbish landfill located on North Montgomery Street right at the city limits line (the beginning of Rockhill Road).  You can reach the landfill at (662)324-1180 for more information. 


If there is an emergency road hazard please dial 911 and report the emergency otherwise, contact the Oktibbeha County Road Department at (662)323-5752 or email

Tax Office (4)


A Privilege License is a license allowing a person to do business in Oktibbeha County for a profit.  Please contact the Tax Assessor/Collector's office at (662-323-1273 for more information. 


Residential Mississippi license plates may be obtained throughout the year from the Tax Office in the Oktibbeha County Courthouse. Residents have 30 days after establishing residency to secure car tags.

More questions and answers about license plates

Information about specialty plates


Property tax facts, as well as information on Homestead and other exemptions, may be obtained from the Oktibbeha County Tax Assessor/Collector.

Details about Property Assessment and an online Property Tax Search are also available.


The state levies a 7% sales tax, 2% of which is returned to the municipality on all sales within the corporate limits of the municipality. Additionally, the city has a 2% food and beverage tax and a 2% hotel/motel tax.

For more information, visit the Mississippi Department of Revenue webiste.

Tourism (1)


Licenses are available for purchase at most sporting goods stores and variety stores.