Car Registration and License Plates


Oktibbeha County, Mississippi FAQ LICENSE PLATE QUESTIONS

How long do I have to purchase a license plate for a new or used vehicle purchased from a dealer before penalty applies?

You have seven (7) working days beginning with the next day after purchase. Thereafter, a 5% penalty will apply per month up to 25%.


How do I get a credit slip for my license plate, If I sell my vehicle?

Credit slips are issued on license plates brought to the office of the Tax Collector for a vehicle, which has been sold. There must be time remaining on the plate and the original credit slip may be used towards the purchase of another license plate.


How do I title my vehicle if I am a new resident?

New residents must retitle their vehicle in the State of Mississippi. If you own your vehicle outright with no lien holder, you will need your title from the other state, your registration from the other state, proof of residency in Oktibbeha County, and your out-of-state license plate. Whoever is listed on the front of the out-of-state title as owner must appear the first time to apply for a Mississippi title. If you have a lien holder, you will need the current full name and address of your lien holder, proof of residency in Oktibbeha County and the out-of-state license plate. If you have a lease vehicle, you will need a POA from the Lease Company along with the license plate and registration from the other state.


How do I transfer my title between individuals?

You will need the ordinal title signed by the seller or sellers as shown on the front of the title. The buyer or buyers must be present the first time to apply for a Mississippi title.


Will the same criteria apply to a vehicle bought and sold between individuals?

Yes. The difference would be the application of sales tax at the rate of 5% on vehicles less than ten (10) years old.


How is the cost of a license plate computed?

The VIN or Vehicle identification Number from your vehicle is entered into the state/county computer, which pulls a value acquired by the State Tax Commission from R. L. Polk Black Book, a supplier of the Manufacture's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). This amount is multiplied times the millage rate for the area in which you reside, less the tag credit you receive in Mississippi when you purchase or renew your plate on time, plus any penalty if applicable.


What is Use/Tax and when do I pay it?

Use/tax is the same as sales tax, but is charged on vehicles purchased out of state from a dealer at the rate of 5% on the purchase price less the trade-in.


What is the greatest amount of penalty you may receive on the purchase or renewal of a license plate?

The greatest amount is 25% with no legislative tag credit.


What is Legislative Tag Credit?

This is a percentage credit granted by the Mississippi Legislature in 1994 towards the purchase price of your license plate. The percentage is set each year by the Mississippi State Tax Commission. You receive the reduction on passenger vehicles and trucks, when you purchase your plate at the proper time.


If I move to Mississippi, how long do I have to purchase a license plate?

New residents of the State have thirty (30) days after the establishment of residency in which to retitle and purchase a license plate.


When is the renewal due on my license plate?

The month in which you purchased your vehicle is the renewal or anniversary date of you license plate.


How long do I have to renew my license plate?

You have until the 15th day of the following month to renew your plate.


When are renewal notices mailed to taxpayers?

Renewal notices are mailed on the last working day of the month preceding the renewal date of your plate. Should you not receive your notice through the mail at this time. It is your responsibility as a taxpayer to renew your plate.


How do I acquire a license plate or placard for handicapped persons?

The license plate and/or placards are available through an application file signed by your physician.


What are the cost and requirements for an antique license plate?

If the vehicle has a current plate, there is a one time cost of $28.50 The vehicle must be 25 years old. .