1. When are my property taxes due?

Property taxes (Real or Personal) and other special assessments are due and payable by February 1, of each year. Thereafter, a penalty of 1% per month accrues on any unpaid taxes until the tax sale in August of that same year. As a courtesy of this office, your tax collector notifies the land and business owners in Oktibbeha County that their taxes are due and payable.


2. How may I pay my taxes?

Your taxes may be paid at the Oktibbeha County Court House. You may also pay your taxes by mail, using a check.


3. May I pay my taxes in installments?

Should you desire to make an installment payment, or partial payment you may:

a. Pay 1/2 of the total before February 1.

b. Pay 1/4 by May 1, with appropriate interest on the part you pay.

c. Pay 1/4 by July 1, with appropriate interest on the part you pay.


4. If I have protested the taxes assessed on my property, must I still pay the amount due?

Payment for your taxes is still due as shown on your notice. If the assessment on your property is reduced or changed and you have overpaid, a refund will be issued.


5. If I have delinquent taxes due on my property, may I pay my current taxes first?

Delinquent taxes must be paid first before current taxes will be accepted.


6. Why are my taxes not listed in my name?

Your deed must be filed in the Chancery Clerk's Office by December 31st of the previous year for your taxes to be listed in your name. Property taxes are paid one year in arrears.


7. When will the taxes appear in my name?

The property will appear in your name on the land roll following the year your deed was filed. Property taxes are paid one year in arrears.


8. Why was my bill sent to the previous owner?

Property taxes are paid one year in arrears. Your deed may not have been filed within the proper time frame for the Tax Assessor to pick up on your deed for that particular land roll.


9. May I pay my taxes early?

We will begin accepting tax payments the 1st day of November.


10. Where is the tax sale held?

In the Oktibbeha County Court House upstairs in large court room.


11. Why do my taxes increase?

Your taxes may increase because of an increase in city and/or county millage; because of a county wide reappraisal; because of loss of homestead; because of an improvement placed on your property; or because of a special assessment, are the most prevalent reasons.


12. Do I lose my property if taxes are not paid on time?

A property owner has two years from the date of that years tax sale in which to redeem their property before a tax deed may be issued.


13. Are you able to tell me who paid my taxes?

You or anyone may pay your taxes, Records are not kept of who paid your taxes.


14. When is the tax sale held?

The sale is held on the last Monday in August each year and begins at 9:00 a.m.


15. Do I have to register for tax sale?

Yes. However anyone may obtain a registration form from the tax office.