County Engineer

About the office: 

The board of supervisors has the discretion to employ, as county engineer, a civil engineer or person qualified to perform the duties of a county engineer and any assistant engineers thought necessary. The county engineer may also serve as the county road manager. The employment and work of the county engineer are controlled by the board of supervisors. The county engineer is responsible for preparing all plans and estimates for the construction of bridges and superintend their construction; making all estimates and plans of work to be performed in the construction and maintenance of roads and superintend the work; reviewing the report to the board of supervisors on the maintenance work that should be done to properly upkeep and maintain all roads and bridges in the county; and checking over and reporting to the board of supervisors on all estimates before payment by the board of supervisors of all work done on public roads.

Clyde L. Pritchard
(662) 324-2205
Mailing address: 
P.O. Box 2523
100 Miley Road
Starkville,, MS 39760
United States