Oktibbeha County Flood Development Application

Oktibbeha County has established a Floodplain Development permitting system that includes regulating all floodplain development in the special flood hazard areas. It is important to note that the concept of "development" extends beyond the traditional "zoning" permit. Whereas the zoning permit is concerned solely with structures, the floodplain development permit includes buildings and alterations to landscape (such as excavation or use of fill) that would affect drainage patterns or the flood-carrying capacity of the watercourse. 

In reviewing an application, the key to remember is that the proposed activity itself must be safe from flooding and it must not increase the flood hazard to other areas. This Permit is applicable in cases where there is a proposal for anything constructed or erected on the ground or attached to the ground, or which requires attachment to something having a permanent location on the ground, including but not limited to buildings, factories, sheds, cabins, factory-built homes, storage tanks, and other similar uses.