Fire Districts Map & Protection Districts Information

Fire Protection Districts and Response Areas

Fire protection districts are legal arms of government that exist in Oktibbeha County primarily to facilitate improvements to insurance class ratings. Each residence or commercial building within an FPD can be no more than four road miles from a fire station, so some locations in the county are not within an FPD. However, every location in the county is within the response area of one of the thirteen fire stations. All residents of Oktibbeha County have fire protection, but only some have lower insurance rates.

The cost of insurance for a homeowner or businessperson depends, in part, on the rating class of the location. The lower the class number, the lower the insurance costs.

Ratings are set by the Mississippi State Rating Bureau and are determined by a complex formula. Factors include the water supply available for fire fighting, the fire department (including the number of personnel, training, and equipment), the communications system, and the existence of building and fire codes. Currently, Oktibbeha County does not have codes.

There are currently four fire protection districts in the rural part of Oktibbeha County.

District Rating

  • Adaton FPD Class 8
  • Central Oktibbeha FPD Class 6
  • District 5 FPD Class 7
  • East Oktibbeha FPD Class 7
  • Bell School House FPD  Class 8
  • Maben FPD Class 7
  • Sturgis FPD Class 7

Each district is actively working to lower its rating. All locations in Oktibbeha County not within an FPD are rated Class 10.

Further information on the rating process can be obtained from the Mississippi State Rating Bureau. Further information about locations within a particular FPD or about its rating can be obtained from the links above.